BushHarper.com is almost good

BushHarper.com is a website created by the Liberals to expose how similar Bush and Harper is. Great! Except that it’s poorly executed. All that’s on the site is a picture of Harper and Bush shaking their dirty hands and two YouTube videos. The potential for this site is great and it would have been soContinue reading “BushHarper.com is almost good”


The NYTimes magazine has an interesting article about Blendtec’s viral marketing campaign: Will It Blend? Some dude in a lab coat takes weird things and tries to blend them, hockey pucks, magnets… Recently, due to the increased popularity of the videos, other companies have being getting their products blended, there is a particularly gratuitous blendingContinue reading “Consumed”

Project make McCain Exciting

About a month ago Colbert offered up a challenge to viewers to make McCain exciting by photoshoping green-screened footage of a mind-numbingly dull speech that was uploaded to colbert nation. He has been showing them on The Report ever since and there has been a ton of these videos created, here are some of theContinue reading “Project make McCain Exciting”

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video

The Center for Social Media has recently released a suggested code of best practice in fair use for online video. More and more, video creation and sharing depend on the ability to use and circulate existing copyrighted work. Until now, that fact has been almost irrelevant in business and law, because broad distribution of nonprofessionalContinue reading “Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video”

Hulu Gets Steward and Colbert: Wins Free TV Battle

Online socialized broadcasting service Hulu just got a huge advantage over other online viewing services by scooping online favourites The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Viacom sued Youtube for illegally distributing the shows and in response, Youtube pulled them down. Of course, like all the major American television networks, viewing is only available withinContinue reading “Hulu Gets Steward and Colbert: Wins Free TV Battle”

MoveOn’s new contest: Obama in 30 seconds

so all the videos need to be pro-obama?  are they creating an actual campaign ad for obama?  i am not sure what moveon is doing here.  granted, all the videos from their previous contest were all in the same political vein…i just get a little squeamish that moveon, in essence, wants user-generated campaign videos.  notContinue reading “MoveOn’s new contest: Obama in 30 seconds”