Special Journal Issues

Elizabeth Davis & Megan Boler,  Affect, Protest, Pandemic: Conversations from the crises of 2020, Cultural Studies, 36:3, 355-359, May 2022 DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2022.2040560

Guest Editor with Ted Gournelos, “Irony and Politics: User-Producers, Parody, and Digital Publics,” Electronic Journal of Communication, October 2008, vol. 18, no. 24 themed issues 2, 3, and 4

Co-Editor (with Dr. Michelle Stack, University of British Columbia), Policy Futures in Education, Special Journal Issue on Media Studies, September 2005. (vol. 5 #1, January 2007).

Refereed Literary Publications

Boler and E. Davis, Eds. “Black Lives Matter, Biopolitics, and Affect: Conversations from the Crises of 2020,” Cultural Studies (forthcoming May 2022)

Boler, Megan. “The Third Round.” The Threepenny Review 32 (1988): 29-29.

Boler, Megan. “Summer 1996.” New Zealand Poetry No. 16 (peer reviewed, bi-annual journal) (1998)

Boler, Megan. “Oceanview Budget Lodge.” Hecate: A Woman’s Interdisciplinary Journal XXIV/I (Australian peer-reviewed quarterly journal) (1998)

Boler, Megan. “StrawFire.” 13th Moon, Suny Press, vol. 18, fall issue (2002)


Non-Refereed Journal Articles And Book Chapters

Boler, Megan. “The politics of making claims: Challenges of qualitative web-based research.” The methodological dilemma: Creative, critical and collaborative approaches to qualitative research (2008): 11-33.

Boler, Megan. “Mediated publics and the crises of democracy.” Philosophical Studies in Education 37 (2006): 25-38.

Boler, Megan, Pris Sears, and James S. Dwight. “Reconstructing the Fables: Women on the Educational Cyberfrontier.” The International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments. Springer Netherlands, 2006. 1467-1494.

Boler, Megan. “Media Literacy Defined.” W. Hare and J. P. Portelli (Eds.), Key Questions in Education. Halifax, NS: Edphil Books (2005)

Boler, Megan. “Teaching for hope.” Teaching, learning, and loving: Reclaiming passion in educational practice (2004): 117-131.

Boler, Megan, and Michalinos Zembylas. “Discomforting truths: The emotional terrain of understanding differences.” Pedagogies of difference: Rethinking education for social justice (2003): 110-136.

Boler, Megan. “‘I Love this Rock:’ Passionate Science and the Myth of Objectivity,” in D. Tippins, T. Koballa, and B. Payne (eds). Learning from Cases: Unraveling the Complexities of Elementary Science Teaching. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon Publishing, 2002.

Boler, Megan. “Posing Feminist Questions to Freire,” in Paolo Freire and Education: Voices from New Zealand, ed. Peter Roberts. Auckland: Dunmore Press, 1999.

Boler, Megan. “Disciplined absences: cultural studies and the missing discourse of a feminist politics of emotion.” After the disciplines: the emergence of cultural studies (1999): 157-174.

Leach, Mary, and Megan Boler. “Gilles Deleuze: Practicing education through flight and gossip.” (1998).

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