Selected Grants, Awards, and Honors

Social Science and Humanities Research Council Grant, Rethinking Media, Democracy And Citizenship: New Media Practices And Online Digital Dissent After September 11. 2005-2008 ($122,000) (Megan Boler, Principle Investigator)

Canadian Council on Learning, Ontario Media Literacy Project, (Megan Boler, Co-PI with Dr. Mark Lipton, Guelph University and Dr. Kari Dehli, OISE/UT).  $40,000

Banff Center for the Arts, Wired Writing Studio, October-March 2006-07

Nominee, TVOntario Big Ideas Award for Best Lecturer, 2005

Outstanding Paper Award, Qualitative Meta-Analysis for Social Justice: the Creation of an Online Diversity Resource Database, Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education, Atlanta, GA (co-authored with A. Potts, David Hicks, and Peter Doolittle)

Recipient, Diggs Teaching Scholar Award, 2002, Virginia Tech University

Invited Participant, Duke University Franklin Center Summer Institute on Globalization, Women, and Development, July 2002, Durham North Carolina

Boler, M. (2001) International Institute of Information Technology, Virginia Tech, Research Grant to produce Critical Media Literacy in Times of War website ($50,000)

Boler, M. (2001) Internationalizing Curriculum: Media Representations of Anti-Arab Racism, University Office of International Programs ($3000)

Boler, M., Carico, K., & Hicks, D. (2001) Searchable Database for Diversity Resources Lab, College of Human Resources and Education ($4000)

Boler, M., Carico, K., & Hicks, D. (2001) Searchable Database for Diversity Resources Lab, Office of Multicultural Affairs ($1000).

Boler, M., Carico, K., & Hicks, D. (2000). Creating cross-departmental multicultural curricula: A case study. Department of Teaching and Learning,Virginia Tech. ($2000)

Boler, M.  Institute for Distance and Distributed Learning, (Virginia Polytechnic and State University), Award to produce 60-minute documentary, April 2000, $6500

Boler, M. and G. Givens, (1998) Schooling and Diversity Course Development, Excellence in Undergrauate Teaching Center, Virginia Tech  $3000

Smith, Linda, Megan Boler, and Graham Smith. Marsden Fund Award (The Royal Society of New Zealand) (1997-2000) Maori Education Youth First: Taking Kids Talk Seriously ($500,000)

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