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Media Appearances by Megan Boler

Media Coverage by Megan Boler

Megan Boler Quoted in the Media

Recent Media Appearances 

Paiken, Steve. “The Price of Satire.” The Agenda with Steve Paiken. TV Ontario/Online video clip. 9 Jan. 2015. Web.

Tucker, Erika. “Charlie Hebdo satire isn’t new, but exposes what’s OK to mock.” Global News. 15 January 2015. Web.

Harris, Anne. “Creative communities embody a new kind of civic engagement.” The Conversation. 6 April 2015. Web.

Li, Andy. “Satire: an enduring art.” The Varsity Magazine. 22 Feb. 2015. Web.

White, Shelley. “Twenty years of Free The Children.” The Globe and Mail. 28 Sept. 2015. Web.

Whitson, Roger. “Steampunk Anachronisms: Queer Histories of the Digital Humanities.” Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 28 (2015). Web.

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