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Recent Media Appearances 

September 18, 2020: CBC The National, Trump Bans Tiktok

Like, subscribe, save the world: YouTubers embrace climate activism, but experts question reach and motive, Jackson Weaver

May 21, 2019: “The sexist expectations of professional emails for women: ‘There’s no winning’,” Global News

October 27, 2019 Creative Destruction Lab partners with Facebook on new cryptocurrencyBy Kaitlyn SimpsonThe Varsity

October 21, 2019 Featured Expert, Live Blog on Misinformation in the Canadian Election Campaign

April 10, 2019: CBC Interview, Here and Now with Gill Deacon

April 10, 2019: Laura Hensley, “Faith Goldy banned from Facebook after site enforces extremism, hate policy — now what?”

March 26, 2018: Radio Live interview with 900 CHML on Trump Presidency, Stormy Daniels and #metoo movements

March 26, 2018: CTV Three Live Appearances, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica (11: 15 CTV ; 12: 30 and 6 pm, CTV ; 4:30 CTV)

March 25, 2018:  Globe and Mail

March 22, 2018: CBC Radio Syndicate Facebook and Privacy (11 appearances on CBC across Canada)

Feb. 15, 2018: CTV Black Economic Empowerment 3.0 

Oct. 16, 2017: Terrorism charges are only reserved for Muslims, Toronto Star

Oct. 4, 2017: Farah Nasser: Terrorism or not? Defining the Las Vegas massacre

Sep 16 2017: Megan Boler and Elizabeth Davis, How emotion trumps rationality in the world of Trump Toronto Star

April 27, 2017: Megan Boler, “Can Journalism Save Democracy?” Truthout

April 26, 2017: Toronto Star Hot Docs features closer look into lives of women

April 28, 2017: Analysis: We’ve read all President Trump’s tweets, so you don’t have to CTV News

Feb. 13, 2017: Toronto bar apologizes for ‘disgusting’ sign, blames rogue employee CTV News

28 Sept. 2015: White, Shelley. “Twenty years of Free The Children.” The Globe and Mail. Web.

6 April 2015: Harris, Anne. “Creative communities embody a new kind of civic engagement.” The Conversation. Web.

22 Feb. 2015: Li, Andy. “Satire: an enduring art.” The Varsity Magazine. Web.

Jan. 25, 2017: Premier Kathleen Wynne bombarded on social media

15 January 2015: Tucker, Erika. “Charlie Hebdo satire isn’t new, but exposes what’s OK to mock.” Global News. Web.

9 Jan. 2015: Paiken, Steve. “The Price of Satire.” The Agenda with Steve Paiken. TV Ontario/Online video clip. Web.

2015: Whitson, Roger. “Steampunk Anachronisms: Queer Histories of the Digital Humanities.” Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 28. Web.

News Analyses/Op-Eds:

Megan Boler, “Can Journalism Save Democracy?” Truthout (April 27, 2017) 

Megan Boler and Elizabeth Davis, How emotion trumps rationality in the world of Trump Toronto Star (Sept. 26, 2017)

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Boler, Megan. “NY Times Apology feels Hollow.” Toronto Star. 31 May  2004 p. A16

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