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Textually watches the fall of big media

I just found out about Textually and I have already added it to my feed reader. The blog aims to follow how new media is being used for entertainment while it erodes an old business model based on an outdated idea of content and intellectual property.

WatchingTV Online will be following YouTube and the new way of watching video and TV on the Internet, it’s impact on the Television industry and will explore the new generation of TV series, focusing on their impact on society – in the US and around the world.

The blog author of textually is on vacation until Aug 19.

New York Times Makes History Again With New Media


Syndication, Widgets, Aggregation, Social Overlay and Personalization are the new buzzwords being put into play at the Times online. Monetizing these new-media techniques is a low priority as it is for most Silicon Valley start-ups in these early years of development. 

Far beyond other old-media newspapers the Times has enough of a foothold online to give other social news aggregator sites like Readburner and Techmeme real competition.

Hulu Gets Steward and Colbert: Wins Free TV Battle

Hulu brings Daily Show

Online socialized broadcasting service Hulu just got a huge advantage over other online viewing services by scooping online favourites The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Viacom sued Youtube for illegally distributing the shows and in response, Youtube pulled them down.

Of course, like all the major American television networks, viewing is only available within the United States so Canadians and the rest of the world will have to spoof their ip address in order to watch.