New York Times Makes History Again With New Media

  Syndication, Widgets, Aggregation, Social Overlay and Personalization are the new buzzwords being put into play at the Times online. Monetizing these new-media techniques is a low priority as it is for most Silicon Valley start-ups in these early years of development.  Far beyond other old-media newspapers the Times has enough of a foothold onlineContinue reading “New York Times Makes History Again With New Media”

New York Times Knows the Future is Electronic

The New York Times, the largest metropolitan print newspaper in the United States, is demonstrating the impact that digital markets have had on print journalism by developing technologies that cater to niche markets (like bloggers), a generation of people who prefer digital over paper and Google mash-ups. Specifically these include: (via Scobilizer) A prototype newspaper rack thatContinue reading “New York Times Knows the Future is Electronic”

Wikipedia book?

Berlin – Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia written by volunteers, is to be published in Germany as a book for people who prefer turning pages to clicking links, publishing multinational Random House said Tuesday. Isn’t it then just an encyclopaedia that you have to pay for? I don’t get it.  link