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BushHarper.com is almost good

BushHarper.com is a website created by the Liberals to expose how similar Bush and Harper is. Great! Except that it’s poorly executed.

All that’s on the site is a picture of Harper and Bush shaking their dirty hands and two YouTube videos. The potential for this site is great and it would have been so much better had they created a website that totally believed that Bush and Harper are indeed running for office. If they put up more content than just two videos the site could be something that goes viral in Canada. Still, the videos have a good number of views since they were uploaded on Oct. 1 with 18,514 and 9,439 views respectively.

The videos also play as attack ads against Harper and are blatantly supporting the Liberals. Had the videos been all about the “good” things that the two neo-cons have done it would have more effect. It could attack the very root of what’s wrong their policies. But I guess by doing that the Liberals would also be criticizing their own stances albeit indirectly. We can’t forget that Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin were the ones who helped set the stage for neoconservatives in Canada.

Here are the videos from the site:
On the economy:

On foreign policy:

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She’s Oprah..of course

Oprah has had her own YouTube channel for 6 whole days now (here is the story). She introduced her channel by hosting a television show with all the YouTube “stars”. Her favorite was Tyson the skateboarding dog: “If we all had the passion of that dog everyone would be successful”. Really Oprah? A passionate dog? Either way I find Oprah-juggernaut terrifying. YouTube has clearly cemented itself as commercial venture, as Oprah is using YouTube celebrity cache to hawk her show, the veneer of equality is clearly gone. Oprah is the new YouTube star.