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The NYTimes magazine has an interesting article about Blendtec’s viral marketing campaign: Will It Blend? Some dude in a lab coat takes weird things and tries to blend them, hockey pucks, magnets… Recently, due to the increased popularity of the videos, other companies have being getting their products blended, there is a particularly gratuitous blending of nike shoes, and the following blatant iphone blending that has attracted over 5 million viewers:

Everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend? That is the question

It seems viral ad campaigns have begun to engage in savvy product placement, everybody wins! Or at least both Blendtec and the companies that pay them for blending their products do…

You should always use protection…

Tom Ricks’ Inbox in the Sunday Washington Post reported that bootleg DVDs purchased in Iraqi markets (‘souks’) are frequently infected with viruses. Iraqi soldiers were affected as well; electronic interaction between Iraqi and US soldiers frequently resulted in a corresponding exchange of viruses from these infected DVDs.”Courtesy: /.

going viral

here is a video that outlines strategies for going viral: link

although i have tried, the closest i have come to getting something viral was a fake song that we made and uploaded it to napster (back in the day) and called it a phish & grateful dead jam out… the moral of the story is i think i hate this guy you is kind of ruining the internet and creating a movie about virality that has gone viral… i am having a meta meltdown