CTV launches MyNews and wireless auction hits $1.8 billion

Another example of an old media player trying to act like a new media company can be found at CTV’s MyNews. It’s an attempt at citizen journalism and based on the calibre of journalism coming out of CTV I’m sure that citizens will fair much better. On their site they say:

Have you seen news happening?
Do you have a video or image(s) of something that should be seen on our CTV Newscasts?
It can be breaking news like a fire or accident or something eye-catching like a late spring storm or a celebrity sighting.
We are looking for the best in citizen journalism to enhance CTV’s own newsgathering efforts.

Wireless spectrum auction

WirelessNorth.ca is covering the wireless spectrum auction happening in Canada. The amount the auction has raised is staggering at $1.8 billion. The auction is not exciting because as any Canadian can imagine there already is little competition over our airwaves. It looks like there won’t be a new player in town anytime soon 🙁

Now in to it’s second week and 14th round of bidding, Canada’s AWS auction has hit 1.8Billion and is not showing immediate signs of slowing down. 68 licences received bids last round, actually up from the 40-50 bids of the last round. Thus far industry Canada’s decision to set aside new spectrum appears to have anything but discourage a handsome return on this auction.

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