The Corporation Study Guides

Dr. Boler has led the development of two study guides to accompany the documentary The Corporation (Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott, 2003). The range of timely and relevant topics tackled by the film lend themselves to integration into a wide variety of courses and subjects, including media studies, business, philosophy, history, environmental studies, and political science.

The Canadian documentary The Corporation presents a darkly amusing account of the institutions birth as a legal person whose prime directive is to produce profit for shareholders regardless of the cost to anyone, or anything else. Considering the odd legal fiction that deems a corporation a person in the eyes of the law, the feature documentary employs a checklist, based on actual diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and DSM IV, the standard tool of psychiatrists and psychologists. What emerges is a disturbing diagnosis.

Visit the study guide for secondary school students available at TVO.

The Official Study Guide to accompany The Corporation is available through Zeitgeist Films, new York, with purchase of the educational DVD.

For more information about the film, visit The Corporation’official site.

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