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CBC sharing news footage

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that the CBC has inked a deal with Global to share some media resources. The editorial that covers this raises questions about how a government-funded broadcaster ought to act with private broadcasters and how the CBC should treat other institutions owned by the crown.

Something is rotten when government institutions cut deals with certain media, but not others.

Two cases in point: A marketing “exclusive” between the Royal Alberta Museum and the Edmonton Journal, and “video sharing” between Edmonton CBC-TV and Global.

In return for discounted rates, the Royal Alberta Museum promises promotion and advertising exclusively with the Journal.

If the museum wasn’t government, I’d have no problem with the concept. Advertising “exclusivity” happens all the time. Media outlets are forever competing to be “exclusive presenters” of popular events.

But the museum is 100% government, part of the provincial Department of Culture and Community Spirit.

Why is the government of Alberta cutting exclusive deals with one media, but not the rest?

At the very least, sharing the same media and news source can lead to hilarious fake stories that “news” agency will cover.
Via Inside the CBC

Since privacy is an illusion anyway…

Daniel Kerr argued that anonymity should no longer be the goal of privacy legislation. Instead, it should mean that government and businesses properly safeguards people’s private communications and financial information. Kerr: “Protecting anonymity isn’t a fight that can be won. Anyone that’s typed in their name on Google understands that.” Currently the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act doesn’t require the gov’t to obtain a warrant for communication between someone on American soil and someone in another country. Kerr wants this to include anyone, anytime, period. Some are arguing that this legislation is coming on the heels of lawsuits against the big telecommunications companies that shared info with the US gov’t. This would grant immunity to these companies. (link)

Earlier this week it was leaked that the FBI had considered tracking the sale of falafels in order to catch Iranian terrorists…