Canada Fights! for the Right! of Sony, EMI, Universal…

. On Thursday June 12, Canada’s Digital Milliennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Bill C-61 was barfed out of generic politician Jim Prentice’s mouth. It was simultaneously vomit and the sputum of an industry that voraciously profited from inefficient music delivery systems to become the bloated, pussy mess it is today. Read more about it here

Wake-up Canada: Here Comes Copyright Legislation!

Facebook users delayed the bill before and on Thursday morning it is time for protests to grow even louder. Minister of Industry Jim Prentice and the Minister of Canadian Heritage Josée Verner want to lock up all data and destroy the very soul of the internet – sharing and collaboration. They obviously need to read Free! WhyContinue reading “Wake-up Canada: Here Comes Copyright Legislation!”

Let’s talk about it after… (DMCA)

Industry Minister Jim Prentice is refusing to address the hundreds of questions received by  CBC’s search engine about the upcoming copyright law, he wants to wait until the law is passed first, which is a good way to avoid any actual dialog about legislation that affects most Canadians.  Michael Geist has 10 questions for theContinue reading “Let’s talk about it after… (DMCA)”