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Winners of Bill-C61 in 61 seconds

Cory over at BoingBoing posted the following about the contest to explain why Bill C-61 is so bad in 61 seconds. The dreaded Bill C-61 is that the Canadian Conservative party tried to through push parliament that is basically a copy of the American DMCA. Thankfully the bill has been stalled because of the election call.

Hopefully copyright issues will become an election issue.

Michael Geist’s “C-61 in 61 Seconds” Youtube competition — in which netizens were encouraged to make 61-second videos explaining what was wrong with Canada’s proposed equivalent to the US DMCA — has just come to end. Judges that include BNL’s Stephen Page and Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian selected three entries as their winners.

The bill is dead — thanks to the election that was just called — but one thing we know about bad copyright legislation is that it’s tenacious.

C-61 in 61 Seconds – The Winners

Canada Fights! for the Right! of Sony, EMI, Universal…


On Thursday June 12, Canada’s Digital Milliennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Bill C-61 was barfed out of generic politician Jim Prentice’s mouth. It was simultaneously vomit and the sputum of an industry that voraciously profited from inefficient music delivery systems to become the bloated, pussy mess it is today. Read more about it here