Heading to Restore Sanity Rally, D.C.

On October 30 Dr. Ian Reilly (Guelph University) and I will be on the ground in Washington D.C. interviewing Daily Show and Colbert fans. A watershed moment! Political satire catalyzes fans to mobilize in the nation’s Capitol and demand Sanity in Politics. Through our interviews we hope to document counter-evidence to those who claim watchingContinue reading “Heading to Restore Sanity Rally, D.C.”

New and ongoing research: Women Make Vlogs Upcoming international conference!  DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media, University of Toronto, November 11-14, 2010 (Megan Boler and Matt Ratto, conference organizers) Recent Reviews of Digital Media and Democracy: Tactics in Hard Times (MIT Press, 2008) “Digital Media and Democracy is an essential resource for scholars andContinue reading

on TVO 8pm: Lessig, Boler et al on Digital Activism

Mr. Morozov, Mr. Rasiej, and Ms. Leona Hobbs from Social Media Group. Ms. Hobbs will be in studio with you tonight. I’m having your book title added to your bio. Thanks for the heads up. The program tonight will commence with a 15-minute 1×1 interview with Lawrence Lessig. He’ll be talking about his essay “AgainstContinue reading “on TVO 8pm: Lessig, Boler et al on Digital Activism”

Panel October 7: New Media and Repressive Regimes

Bloggers for Human Rights: New Media and Repressive Regimes Democratic Development and the Freedom of Expression A panel discussion presented by Rights & Democracy Wednesday, October 7th, 2009, 5 PM to 7 PM Fountain Room, National Arts Centre, Ottawa The panel will be webcast live on our website. Web participants will be invited to submitContinue reading “Panel October 7: New Media and Repressive Regimes”

New Research: Videoblogging

Women Videobloggers and YouTube: Participatory Informal Digital Learning and Open-Access Web-Based Research This research project engages female videobloggers (vloggers) to develop three aspects of internet studies presently unexplored in existing literature. (1) Unique web-based methodology: First, we are developing an innovative and experimental web-based methodology: rather than conducting the traditional “confidential” interviews, we interview femaleContinue reading “New Research: Videoblogging”

boler in National Post and Toronto Star on Obama-Hope-Frenzy

while these soundbites are still  “news” before Hope’s Full Spectacle in DC tomorrow! three recent media appearances: January 16, 2009 The art of Obama, Dave McGinn http://www.nationalpost.com/arts/story.html?id=1185377 Jan 13, 2009 INAUGURATION HYPE: Buying into Obama, Andrea Gordon “It’s all part of an era of rampant consumption, viral online marketing, cheap mass marketing” http://www.thestar.com/living/Shopping/article/569834 January 16,Continue reading “boler in National Post and Toronto Star on Obama-Hope-Frenzy”

news about news: the antiquation of print media

it’s time to face the news about news, folks! print news may soon be a thing of the past, perhaps making the dystopic story told in EPIC 2014 (a viral video that depicts a “sci-fi” or story of Googlezon taking over through personalized web engines) look less and less like like sci-fi and more likeContinue reading “news about news: the antiquation of print media”

Two Election Panels this Week…boler, gitlin, everett, and others…

Wed, Oct 15 4-6 pm Munk Center Media Coverage and the U.S. Election Campaigns: Race, Gender, and Identity Politics in the 2008 Presidential Race October 15, 4-6 PM | Campbell Conference Room, Munk Center for International Studies, University of Toronto, 1 Devonshire Place Featuring Dr. Todd Gitlin (Columbia University), Dr. Anna Everett (University of California,Continue reading “Two Election Panels this Week…boler, gitlin, everett, and others…”