Hello from the 2012-13 Research Team! and a look at #OccupyWalmart on #BlackFriday

Hello world! This blog is now being dedicated to the work of Dr. Megan Boler’s 2012-2013 research team. You can find out more about us here. Speaking broadly, we’re studying in social media, social movements, and where online and offline networking intersect. Our current three-year SSHRC funded research project investigates uses of social media inContinue reading “Hello from the 2012-13 Research Team! and a look at #OccupyWalmart on #BlackFriday”

recent and forthcoming pubs

Megan Boler, “Occupy Women: Will Feminism’s Fourth Wave Be a Swell or a Ripple?” (truth-out.org Wednesday, 16 May 2012) perm link: http://truth-out.org/news/item/9188-occupy-women-will-fourth-wave-feminism-be-a-wave-or-a-ripple Forthcoming: Matt Ratto and Megan Boler, eds, DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media,  MIT Press (fall 2013) Megan Boler and Selena Nemorin, “Truthiness and War: New Media Landscapes of 21st Century Propaganda,” OxfordContinue reading “recent and forthcoming pubs”

early 2012 media glut; & forthcoming pubs below…

January started with media frenzy in the wake of Occupy ‘media spectacle.’  The public interest in social media practices and digital activism is exciting. After a decade of researching “digital dissent” and the power of “micro-blogging” practices it is amazing to see my passion about digital activism so alive. In January, media focus was ofContinue reading “early 2012 media glut; & forthcoming pubs below…”

…upcoming talks and panels

some of the upcoming public talks i will be giving: January 31, 2012 Bridging the Gender Gap in the News: Public Talk & Panel Discussion Panelists: Shari Graydon, Informed Opinions; Megan Boler, Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education; Kathy English, Public Editor, Toronto Star; Esme Fuller-Thompson, Professor, Sandra Rotman Chair in Social Work FebruaryContinue reading “…upcoming talks and panels”

change in the global october air!

it’s been a busy month around the globe…here are, first, the professional updates from Toronto and NYC on dr. boler’s recent  live TV news appearances  (from NASDAQ hdqtrs in Times Square and the ABC studios in NYC, where I was for MobilityShifts conference)–fortunately enough, the conference corresponded with a lively week in October in LibertyContinue reading “change in the global october air!”

“Networking Dissent: Digital Publics Taking the Streets” Public Lecture York U. May 17

Tuesday, May 17, as follow up to lectures by Andy Bichlbaum from The Yes Men for York U. Summer Institute on Digital Activism, I am presenting a public lecture tomorrow: The Summer Institute in Film: Megan Boler – Networking Dissent May 17, 2011, 2pm-4pm Megan Boler presents a talk on  “Networking Dissent: Digital Publics TakingContinue reading ““Networking Dissent: Digital Publics Taking the Streets” Public Lecture York U. May 17”

DIY Citizenship Conference Web Archives!

Sessions and Plenaries from the DIY Citizenship Conference: Critical Making and Social Media, Nov 11-14 are now available online: Nov 11 Opening Event: Henry Jenkins and Corynne McSherry, “Supporting the DIY Citizen” http://epresence.kmdi.utoronto.ca/1/watch/859.aspx DIY Citizenship Conference: Sessions held in CCF (all plenaries, and one panel during each concurrent session) Nov 12: http://hosting.epresence.tv/MUNK/1/watch/198.aspx Nov 13: http://hosting.epresence.tv/MUNK/1/watch/200.aspxContinue reading “DIY Citizenship Conference Web Archives!”