A peek at some of our net scavenging!

Hello and Season’s Greetings to all our readers!

It’s Averie of the 2012-13 research team here, with an update on some really cool stuff we’ve been finding as we scour the internet for content relevant to our research.

As Dr. Boler heads out to sunny California over the holidays, we’ve been searching for some contacts and info on Occupy on the West Coast.

Here are a few websites we found particularly interesting!



Linda Lemaster

Becky Johnson

… And some more interesting web results!

Searching For Occupy

GenderPressing (WordPress)

We’ve also found some fantastic video resources.

Occupy Santa Cruz — 2012 Outlook

Occupy LA Bank March — Lauren Steiner

Occupy Wall Street One Year — Lauren Windsor

There are also many docs being made on Occupy in various places — this is just one of the trailers we’ve discovered.

Occupy the Bay

We’ve also stumbled across a lot of interesting articles/interviews about our research themes:

Robin Morgan talks about Feminism and Occupying Patriarchy

Occupy 2.0 Won’t be a Repeat

Occupy Protests’ Ironic Legacy: More Restrictions on Protesters (LA Times)

One Year Later: People of Color Leave Occupy but Continue Work

… And of Course, we’re always trolling around on Twitter! Follow us on @socmediamoves! These tweets certainly piqued our interest!

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