Hello from the 2012-13 Research Team! and a look at #OccupyWalmart on #BlackFriday

Hello world!

This blog is now being dedicated to the work of Dr. Megan Boler’s 2012-2013 research team. You can find out more about us here.

Speaking broadly, we’re studying in social media, social movements, and where online and offline networking intersect. Our current three-year SSHRC funded research project investigates uses of social media in social movements, the recent resurgence of feminist organizing, and the networked, horizontal leadership of the (still alive and well) Occupy movement.

Most recently, team member Averie MacDonald closely followed social media news about planned #OccupyWalmart protests and strikes early last week as #BlackFriday rolled around.

Scroll through this Storify to see what she found out!



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