change in the global october air!

it’s been a busy month around the globe…here are, first, the professional updates from Toronto and NYC on dr. boler’s recent  live TV news appearances  (from NASDAQ hdqtrs in Times Square and the ABC studios in NYC, where I was for MobilityShifts conference)–fortunately enough, the conference corresponded with a lively week in October in Liberty Plaza with #OWS–more in that in posts to come.  Meanwhile, in Toronto, the new research team for my 3-year funded SSHRC project “Sociable Media in the Hands of Young Citizens” was attending GA meetings and the occupy toronto events.

Here’s some of the media appearances, and below, an intro to those who will also be updating our research on Youth Engaging Social Media & Social Movements (funded by SSHRC for 2010-2013).

Megan Boler
Occupy Canada protests: Media braces for the worst, while protesters show kinder, gentler, Canadian version
Huffington Post, October 18, 2011 Boler

‘Wall Street is ook onze straat’
De Standaard, October 17, 2011 Boler

Interview as protesters arrested in Liberty Park at Occupy Wall Street protests
CTV Sunday October 16 Boler

CTV BNN October 14, Interview on Occupy Wall Street movement


…and the research teamwill commence posting here the notes we’ve been sending via various communications as our new team assembled this Fall 2011 and events unfolded over the last month.  Welcome Brad Evoy, Rhon Teruelle, and Jamila Park!

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