association of internet research

had a great time in, yes, Milwaukee!  a bunch of critical theorists even went dancing at a club saturday nite :)….many papers and sessions on the topic of online activism.  good research on twitter and G20 protests, feminist australian blogs, the uses and demographics of twitter.

i presented new material on ‘truthiness, dissent, and  an ‘ontology of truth’ (moving away from epistemology and towards understanding the forces behind ontology of truth–sounds fancy, but in the talk was able to show and tell with great examples: joe wilson ‘you lie,’ TDS clips, Bushin30 Second vids, etc)… using the work of jacques Ranciere (disagreement, police order, what counts as noise/audible/heard) and Nietzsche to make sense of how, in our sshrc interviews with digital dissent bloggers and video-makers, these folks struggle with truth:truthtelling:lies of media and politicans.  i break it down  to analyze moral truth, epistemological truth, truth as productive force..(and what about rhetoric? someone asked afterwards) .  many thanks to etienne turpin and kelly ladd as i prepared…and super thanks to dr. caroline bassett who offered a provocative response to the keynote with excellent suggestions.  looking forward to writing this up, hopefully with turpin, for CJC or ctheory or shorter version for first monday…

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