Event Summary: “Hacktivists, Cyberwarriors and International Relations”

In recent weeks, the International Relations Society hosted a conference on Hacktivism at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto. Given the event’s focus on social action via the Internet, a few members from the Boler Research Team attended. Here is a quick summary of some of the highlights. How secure are weContinue reading “Event Summary: “Hacktivists, Cyberwarriors and International Relations””

Celebrating Armchair Activism

It was recent email from Avaaz.org that inspired today’s post. For those you unfamiliar with Avaaz, they are an internet advocacy organization. Tackling issues from climate change to human rights, Avaaz targets some of the world’s biggest problems with a creative and democratic approach to advocacy. Following the speculation that factory farming may have been linked with the H1N1Continue reading “Celebrating Armchair Activism”

How Canadians feel about sharing information online

Delvinia is a Toronto-based company that helps other companies understand the internet and make it a better place. In order to be useful to their clients they study online culture, and recently they released research into how Canadians use social networking sites and how they feel about sharing their personal information. Personally, their findings giveContinue reading “How Canadians feel about sharing information online”