2016 Wrap: boler in media

Selected Media Appearances, 2016

On Air/Broadcast:

Boler, M. Featured Expert, CBC News with Dwight Drummond, December 6, 2016


Boler, M. Featured Expert, Effects of Social Protest Alberta@Noon CBC Radio One Calgary Thursday, November 17, 2016


Featured Expert, CBC, The National News, “Facebook Decision to Restrict Fake News” November 16, 2016.

Published News Analyses:

Boler, M. Featured Expert, University of Toronto Experts on U.S. Presidential Election



Selected dPrint Media Appearances, Expert

November 5, 2016 “What will a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency mean for women?” By Patricia Kozicka

What will a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency mean for women?


Oct 12, 2016. “Trump video prompts global revelations of sexual assault” Lauren Pelley, Toronto Star, http://www.thespec.com/living-story/6905913-trump-video-prompts-global-revelations-of-sexual-assault/


December 6, 2016: “Is there a ‘Trump effect’ with Syrian refugees in Canada? University professor says people look for something to blame when there is poverty instead of ‘actual roots’ CBC News, http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/is-there-a-trump-effect-with-syrian-refugees-in-canada-1.3884454


April 2016, Featured Expert, “Revolution Making” by  The Varsity Magazine, University of Toronto by Alex McKeen (pps. 6-16)



Jan 25, 2017. “Premier Kathleen Wynne bombarded on social media by homophobic, sexist abuse,” By Mike Crawley, CBC News



April 1, 2016. “Occupy-style tactics mark shift for Black Lives Matter Toronto,” Luke Simcoe Metro, http://www.metronews.ca/news/toronto/2016/03/31/occupy-tactics-mark-shift-for-black-lives-matter-in-toronto.html

April 5, 2016. “Black Lives Matter co-founder called out for tweet deemed racist”




April 24, 2016. You nude nothing, Jon Snow: Stripping down Game of Thrones’ gender politics by Colin McNeil  https://www.ourwindsor.ca/whatson-story/6512226-you-nude-nothing-jon-snow-stripping-down-game-of-thrones-gender-politics/

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