Helping the almost journalists be journalists

Dan Gilmour, author of We The Media, has an article on the Center for Citizen Media about the future of journalism lying in the helping of what he terms as “almost-journalists” doing actual journalism. He points to organizations such as the ACLU or Human Rights Watch, uncovering gross instances of abuse as examples of very successful “almost-journalism”.

He writes:”They are absolutely in the media field now, because they are using the tools of media creation to learn and tell stories, and to make those stories available to a wide audience. These organizations and countless others like them — small and large, local and international — are part of the media ecosystem. With just a little extra effort, they could be part of the journalistic ecosystem too, in ways that go far beyond their traditional roles.”

Gilmour believes that helping these kinds of organizations remove the almost from their names will lead to a boon in credible news sources for the public.

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