Let’s talk about it after… (DMCA)

Industry Minister Jim Prentice is refusing to address the hundreds of questions received by  CBC’s search engine about the upcoming copyright law, he wants to wait until the law is passed first, which is a good way to avoid any actual dialog about legislation that affects most Canadians.  Michael Geist has 10 questions for theContinue reading “Let’s talk about it after… (DMCA)”

IRC data-mining

IRSeek is a service that logs IRC chats and posts them in a public searchable database, some of the logs date as far back as 2005.  Some people are understandably a bit concerned about this (slashdot).  IRSeek explains themselves in their official blog.

Facebook changes Beacon…sort of

Facebook’s new aggressive ad program, Beacon, is undergoing some changes because of pressure from its users and advocacy groups like MoveOn.org.  Originally Beacon alerted your friends if you purchased something from participating sites, unless you took action to disable it, now Beacon has to be enabled by the user before it sends out alerts.  TheContinue reading “Facebook changes Beacon…sort of”

Television ads are jumping on the interactive bandwagon

NBC and TiVo have struck an interactive deal, NBC has agreed to buy ratings data and other advertising products from TiVo Inc.  Under the deal, advertisers who buy television commercials any NBC affiliated television stations will have the option of adding an interactive component to those spots, a TiVo tag that can be clicked onContinue reading “Television ads are jumping on the interactive bandwagon”

ABC and Facebook

Accoring to techluver, ABC News and Facebook have formally established a partnership – the site’s first with a news organization – that allows Facebook members to follow ABC reporters, view reports and video and participate in polls and debates, all within a new “US Politics” category. The two will jointly host Republican and Democratic debatesContinue reading “ABC and Facebook”

France: 3 strikes and you’re out

France’s Internet providers, the government and the film/music industries have struck a deal.  Providers will issue warnings to illegal downloaders and if these warning go ignored, your provider pulls the plug on your Internet and forwards your info to a newly formed independent body.