Get out to Calgary! (DMCA)

Minister Jim Prentice is hosting an open house in his office where people can discuss the draconian copyright law the Canadian government is attempting to pass.  If you can’t make it out to Calgary here are some things you can do according to Cory Doctorow:

Not in Calgary? NO PROBLEM! Plan on calling the Minister tomorrow or on dropping him an email, expressing your regrets that you can’t attend the open house, but letting him know how you feel. Here are the numbers:

Ottawa office – (613) 992-4275
Calgary office – (403) 216-7777
Minister office – (613) 995-9001

His email address is: Once you send an email, print it out and mail it (no stamp needed!) to:

Jim Prentice
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

“The word is that the Minister’s office is reeling from the overwhelming, national response to this badly written, badly planned bill.”

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