2012-13 Research Team

With a research team of five graduate students at OISE, Dr. Boler’s SSHRC-funded project, “Sociable Media in the Hands of Young Citizens: Evolving Forms of Participatory Democracy” engaged intensive collaborative research and interviews with women activists involved in the Occupy Movement.

Get to know the team!

Karen Harnisch

420084_10100402691077371_876822514_nKaren Harnisch is a film producer and Master of Arts candidate in OISE’s HSSSJE department. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts, where she served as Festival Director for the 2009 Ryerson University Film Festival (RUFF). Karen’s filmography includes the award-winning science-fiction short We Ate the Children Last (2011) and the feature drama The Oxbow Cure (2013), currently touring film festivals internationally. Her graduate research at OISE will investigate strategies for uniting critical media literacy with film production practices, examining case-studies in contemporary North American independent cinema to illuminate opportunities for filmmaker-storytellers to activate social change.

Emil Marmol

Emil Marmol is entering the second year of his PhD in OISE’s HSSSJE program. A life-long student, Emil holds a Master of Science degree in Global Politics from The London School of Economics and Political Science, and a certificate in Adult Education from the UC Berkeley Extension program. His master’s thesis focused on the democratic shortcomings of globalized corporate media and the importance of  Network Neutrality. Now, he is interested in the other end of the media spectrum. Emil’s doctoral research will explore noncommercial news sources as pedagogical tools, issues of critical media literacy, and how critical thinking can be fostered in the classroom and beyond.

Mitchell Wong

Mitchell Wong is a Masters of Teaching candidate in OISE’s Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) department. His master’s thesis focuses on how teachers can integrate information and communications technology (ICT) to foster student creativity in the music classroom. He has previously worked as an entrepreneur and music educator, founding the school “Music as a Second Language.”  This school taught creative improvisation in the genres of pop, jazz and blues. It also served as a community arts centre where local musicians could spontaneously meet and perform. Mitchell is keenly interested in the power of ICT to build community and share ideas. He is very excited to be part of this year’s research team.


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