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The Mother of All Privacy Battles

bits blog:   All of the outrage over privacy on the Internet is nothing compared to what may be coming. For years, Web companies have been trying to gather shreds of information about users in order to show them ads for things they are most likely to buy. These schemes have been accelerated over the last year, as the big Web companies like AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo have been trying to combine information they gather on their own sites with data about users gathered from networks that place ads on other sites.

Mixi claims rights on all content

Japan’s hugely popular social networking site Mixi is in hot water this week after news [ja] that a proposed revision to its Terms of Use (ToU), to become effective as of April 1st, will force its users to agree to grant Mixi no-royalty, non-exclusive rights over all content published on the site, retroactively applicable to all content uploaded before the changes to the ToU. This means that Mixi can potentially use any content on its servers (including messages sent through its messaging service), ignoring access controls on such content, and potentially profit from it. (link)