“To See or Not to See: Cyborgs, Veillance, and Materiality”

We hope to reschedule this Cyborg panel (cancelled by snowstorm).  Meanwhile, please check out interview with Dr Chris Hables Gr”ay, “MyCyborg MySelf CBC Spark Feb 15 [@16:00] http://t.co/5oSy8uQ8 (OISE/UT visiting scholar February 2013) This is a quick note with information on an upcoming panel event organized by Dr. Boler which will take place at the OISE/UT this Friday FebruraryContinue reading ““To See or Not to See: Cyborgs, Veillance, and Materiality””

Research Update: Interviewing Occupy Women, December 2012

Our research team is traveling the West Coast of the U.S., interviewing many amazing horizontal participant-leader women of occupy! Beginning December 12, PI Megan Boler landed in Los Angeles and has since met and interviewed six inspiring and diverse women in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, and soon more in OaklandContinue reading “Research Update: Interviewing Occupy Women, December 2012”

Social Movement Watch: Indigenous Women Lead in #IdleNoMore

Hello world! Averie from the Boler Research Team 2012-13 here, with an update on a fascinating social movement taking Canada by storm today. This is especially relevant given our current research into the role of women and feminist organizing in the Occupy movement. The Globe and Mail has just reported that more than 1,000 protestersContinue reading “Social Movement Watch: Indigenous Women Lead in #IdleNoMore”