Rethinking Media and Democracy Project: Data Samples “Remixed”

What motivates hundreds of thousands of people to engage social media to express political views? How has the coincidence of Web 2.0 and the “crisis of faith” in media and politicians after 2001, mobilized networks of dissent in relation to mainstream media? Our project, Rethinking Media, Democracy and Citizenship, investigates these questions.

Here are two “remix” samplings of our data, combining visuals over audio clips from our interviews with digital dissent prosumers. The audio tracks of these videos are made from excerpts from our interviews with bloggers and indy digital video producers (see who we’ve talked to). Through this format you hear a unique sampling of our findings.

Video #1: On All This Lying in the Media (video by Eric Blumrich)

Video #2 Viral Power–Rethinking Media and Democracy Project (video by Li Koo)

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