Social Media in the Hands of Young Citizens, SSHRC-Funded Research Project 2010-2013

This SSHRC-funded project explored how Occupy Movement activists engaged the participatory, interactive aspects of Web 2.0 and conversely, how the exponential rise of social media shape youth political engagement.

In November 2011, Dr. Boler and her research team conducted 50 interviews of Occupy Toronto participants, and Dr. Boler had the opportunity to observe and conduct interviews with 20 activists in California and New York affiliated with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy SF, and Occupy Oakland. The team conducted critical discourse analysis of interviews, resulting in the following publications:

Boler, M. and J. Phillips. “Entanglements with Media and Technologies in the Occupy Movement.” The Fibreculture Journal Special Issue: Entanglements–Activism and Technology (2015)

Boler, M. “Truth and Sensemaking in Digital Dissent,” Routledge Companion to Alternative and Community Media, ed. Chris Atton (London: Routledge 2015)

Boler, M. and C. Nitsou, “Women Activists within the Leaderless Occupy Wall Street: Consciousness-Raising and Connective Action in Hybrid Social Movements,” in McCaughey, M.(ed), Cyberactivism and the Participatory Web, NY: Routledge (2014)

Boler, M. “Occupy Patriarchy: Will Feminism’s Fourth Wave Be a Swell or a Ripple?” In Women in a Globalizing World: Transforming Equality, Development Diversity and Peace, ed. Angela Miles, Inanna Press (2013)

Megan Boler, “Occupy feminism: Start of a fourth wave?”, May 29, 2012

Megan Boler, “Occupy 2012 and Beyond”

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