Invited Talks

Invited Talks, Lectures and Presentations

(November 18, 2022) Invited Talk, How to Think About Digital Subjectivities, Centre for Digital Inquiry, University of Warwick, UK

(March 31, 2022) Invited Keynote, Pedagogies of Discomfort  Teaching for Transformation: Inaugural  Conference, hosted by University of Toronto’s Centre for Faculty Development and the Centre for Interprofessional Education (at University Health Network)

(February 24, 2022) Invited Panelist, “Transnational Right-Wing Extremism and Digital Disinformation.” Panel Series co-hosted by Intersectionality Research Hub at Concordia University, the Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism at the Ontario University Tech University, the Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto, and the Algorithmic Media Observatory at Concordia University

(February 21, 2022) Invited Speaker, “Affective Media, Social Movements, and Digital Dissent: Emotions and Democratic Participation in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era”, Medias and Ecosystem Symposium, Ottawa

(October 2022) Invited Keynote, Emotions and Power Symposium, Science and Technology Program, Umeå University, Sweden

(March 2022)  Invited Keynote, Teaching for Transformation: Inaugural Conference, Institute for Health Policy and Sciences, University of Toronto

(February 2021) Featured Invited Scholar for Film Series: On Feeling and Knowing with Dr. Tara Meyer, University of British Columbia

(February 21, 2021) Invited Panelist,  “Affective Media, Social Movements, and Digital Dissent: Emotions and Democratic Participation in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era”, Digital Ecosystem Conference, Ottawa

(March 9, 2021) Invited Lecture, Interdisciplinary Research Approaches, College of Interdisciplinary Studies Speaker Series, University of Vermont 

(March 25, 2021) Invited Keynote, “The Weaponization of Emotion in Social Media,” for Dave’s Digital Cafe Global Advantage Consulting Group (Series)

(September 18, 2021) Invited Panelist, “Emotion and Media Education,” Mosaic Insitute Next Generation, Online Hate & Social Media

(September 20, 2021) Invited Symposium Presentation, “Emotion and Disinformation: Histories and Future Challanges,”  Multidisciplinary International Symposium on Disinformation Conference, Oxford Internet Insitute

(April 20, 2020)  Invited Presidential Speaker Session, AERA Division G Vice President session focused on “Civic Engagement and the Promise of Democracy and Education,” Panelists Wayne Au, University of Washington Bothell, Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Miami University, Julio Cammarota, University of Arizona, Sofia Villenas, Cornell University, Organized by Roland Coloma-Sintos

(March 2020) Invited Panelist, Annual Hart House Debates and Dialogue, “Populism, Emotions, and Identity Politics”, University of Toronto

(June 2020) Invited Participant, Digital Disinformation: Taxonomy, Impact, Mitigation, and Regulation, Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik in Germany (February 21, 2020) “Affective Media, Social Movements, and Digital Dissent: Emotions and Democratic Participation in the ‘Post-Truth’ Era“, Digital Ecosystem Conference, Ottawa

(December 2, 2020) Invited Talk “The Least Racist Person in this Room”: Digital Affect, the U.S. Election, and the Upside Down of Identity Politics”,  with Elizabeth Davis,Social Justice Education Seminar Series, University of Toronto

(November 2019) Panelist, National Women’s Studies Association Conference, San Francisco, CA

(October 2019) Invited Panelist, “Affect, Elections, and Social Media: Understanding the Emotional Dimensions of Propaganda,” Comparative Approaches to Disinformation, Harvard University

(October 2019) Invited Participant, European Union Media Commission, High Level Symposium, Rome, Italy

(September 2019) Invited Keynote, Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Conference, Bloomington Indiana.

(June 2019) Invited Panelist, Worldview Conference, “The social, cultural, and political underpinnings of the ‘post-truth’ world: Making Orwell fiction again,” Toronto, ON.

(June 2019) Panelist, Media Ecology Association Conference, Toronto, ON

(January 2018) Invited Panelist, “The Limits of Empathy,” three-day panel series at Modern Language Association Convention, New York

(February 2018) Invited Keynote, McLuhan Salon Keynote sponsored by the Canadian Embassy of Germany and transmediale, Berlin, Germany

(February 2018) Invited Panelist, “Unmasking Cyberwar,” transmediale conference, Berlin, Germany

(February 2018) Invited Advisor, Canadian Federal Youth Secretariat, Ottawa

(February 2018) Invited Panelist, Canadian Federal Government Communications Conference, “Fake News” (Ottawa)

(2018 April 9) Invited Keynote, UTSC Teaching Conference, “The Affective Politics of Teaching and Learning: From a Pedagogy of Discomfort to Critical Hope”

(2018 October) Panelist, Association of Internet Research

(2018 October) Invited Keynote, FORCE Conference, Montreal

(2018 November), Invited Panelist, “Interrogating The “Alt Right”, White Nationalism, and Trumpism,” CIARS Decolonizing Conference, OISE/UT

(2018 November)  Invited Panelist, Sexism and Violence in Cyberspace, (sponsored by the Writing & Rhetoric Program at Innis College and Journalists for Human Rights, U of T Chapter)

(2018 November) Invited Panelist, ““An evening on a media theory for war,” McLuhan Center for Technology and Culture

(May 2017) Invited Keynote, “(Dis)Comfort Zones: Negotiating Tensions and Cultivating  Belonging in Diverse College Classrooms in Quebec,” Conference Organized by Department of English, Vanier College, Montreal, QC

(March 2017) Invited Keynote, Annual Philosophy of Education Conference, George Brown College, Toronto, ON

(March 2017) Invited Panelist, “Surveillance, Censorship & Human Rights Online,” Decoding the Digital Debate Symposium, University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs

(November 9, 2016) Invited Keynote, California State University Los Angeles, “An Evening with Megan Boler,” English Speaker Series

(April 2016) Invited Keynote, “Learning in the Age of Social Media: Pedagogies of Discomfort,”  The Center for Instructional Innovation, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

(February 2016) Invited Talk, “Satire as Public Pedagogy: When Popular Culture Becomes the  Most Trusted News,” Carsey Wolf Film and Media Center and Department of  Communications, University of California, Santa Barbara

(February 2016) Invited Talk, “Humanities Meets Technoscience: Social Implications of Participatory Media,” Dibner Chair/Science and Technology Studies, Tandon School of Engineering, New York University

(November 2014) Panelist, Studies Association, Toronto, ON

(November 2014) Invited Keynote: Democracy, Digital Media, and Community-Based Research. Invitational Conference, University of California, Santa Cruz (Sponsors: Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC) ( and CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (

(September 2014) Panelist, New Materialist Methodologies 5th Annual Conference, University of Oberta Catalunya, “DIY Gender and Digital Materiality of Politics,” (with Dr. Jason Nolan Ryerson U; Dr. Suzanne de Castell UOIT; Dr. Jennifer Jenson York University)

(May 2014) Invited Keynote: Symposium for the UK book launch of DIY Citizenship, convened by Mandy Rose and Amy Spencer, hosted by University of Western England, Bristol’s Digital Cultures Research Centre at the Pervasive Media Studio, Watershed, Bristol.

(April 2014) Invited Guest Lecture and Seminar, New School University, Dr. Trebor Scholz

(March 2014) Invited Plenary: “DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media,” eds. M. Ratto and M. Boler, book launch in March at USC in Los Angeles (hosted by Henry Jenkens, Kjerstin Thorson and Mike Ananny, University of Southern California Civic Path Research Group)

(November 2013) Kneller Keynote Lecture, American Educational Studies Association, 2013, Baltimore, MD.

(March 2013) Invited Respondent, Kneller Invited Lecture, Philosophy of Education Society, Portland, OR.

(September 2013) Invited Keynote, University of Westminster 4th Biennial Transforming Audiences Conference, September 2-3 Transforming Audiences

(May 2013) Inaugural Keynote, “Education and the Discomforts of Change,” “Teaching in Focus Conference,” Teaching Commons, York University (May 27)

(May 2013) Invited Panelist, “Gender and Censorship,” Osgoode Forum “Law, Culture, Critique”, May 10-11, Toronto, Canada (hosted by The Graduate Law Students Association) 2013

(April 2013) Invited Plenary, Transmedia Hollywood 4. , April 12, Los Angeles (conference co-directors Henry Jenkins and Denise Mann). culture/

(2012 May) Invited Keynote, “Fostering Civic Engagement: Revisiting the Role of the University and Aesthetics as a Language of Possibility,” May 20-21,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hosted by Saint Joseph’s University and Barnes Foundation.

(2012 April) Invited Panelist, Gender Across Borders: Arts, Action, Activism Conference, SUNY Buffalo 

(2012 March) Invited Panelist, “Women’s Portrayal in Media,” International Women’s Day, The Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall

(2012 February) Invited Talk, “Towards an Ontology of Truth,” Philosophy of Education, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

(2012 January) Bridging the Gender Gap in the News: Public Talk & Panel Discussion (with panelists: Shari Graydon, Director, Informed Opinions; Kathy English, Public Editor, Toronto Star; Esme Fuller-Thompson, Professor, Sandra Rotman Chair in Social Work. Sponsored by UT Office of the Provost.

(2011 September) “Children, youth and media.” Panel Discussion with Bronwen Low, Krys Verrall, and Sara Grimes, and Megan Boler, Center for Media and Culture in Education, OISE/University of Toronto.

(2011 October) Invited Respondent, Mobility Shifts Conference, New School, New York

(2011 May) Keynote Speaker, Worldviews Conference: Higher Education and Journalism, Toronto

(2010 April) Invited Response to Presidential Address, Philosophy of Education Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco

(2010 March) Invited Plenary Speaker, “Equitable Pedagogies, Inclusive Curricula: Teaching Towards Social Justice in Higher Education,” Launch of the OISE Office of Teaching Support

(2010 December) Invited Panelist, The Remains of the University: Thoughts on the Future of Critical Theory and the Humanities, University of Toronto

(2010 September) Invited Speaker, Center for Media and Culture in Education, “The Politics of Humor in Education,” with Professor Cris Mayo, University of Illinois

(2010 May) Invited Keynote Plenary, Making Media Public Conference, York University

(2010 May) Invited Panelist, Radio and Television News Directors Association Annual Conference

(2010 May) Invited Speaker, Symposium on the Emotions, Jackman Humanities Institute

(2010 January) Invited Panelist, “Why Cultural Studies?” OISE/UT

(2009 October) New Media vs. Repressive Regimes Rights & Democracy Cross-Canada Dialogue Series, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada (with international PMLA Journal of the Modern Language Association, 2015.

(2010 April) Invited Respondent, Curriculum in Vulnerable Times: International Perspectives American Educational Research Association, New Orleans

(2010 April) Invited Respondent, Informal Learning and Sociable Media in Children’s Culture American Educational Research Association, New Orleans

(2010 April) Symposium Panelist Reverence, Listening, and Humor in Education: Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives, New Orleans

(2008 May) Panelist, “Convergence and Collaboration: Communication Research, Activism, and Education for the Common Good,” International Communication Association Meeting, Montreal

(2007 June) “The Politics of ‘Truthiness,’” New Network Theory International Conference, Institute of Network Cultures, University of Amsterdam.

(2007 May) “Creating Communication: Media, Citizenship, and Youth in North America” International Communication Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco

(2006 May) “The Work of Critical Pedagogies in an Age of Digital Reproduction,” Canadian Symposium Studies in Education, York University, Toronto

(2004, August) “Visual Satire in Times of War,” International Visual Sociology Association, San Francisco Art Institute

(2004, June) “The Politics of Media Literacy,” Crossroads International Cultural Studies Association Conference, University of Illinois Urbana

(2004, June) “In Our Wildest Dreams: Bodies in Cyberculture,” Crossroads International Cultural Studies Association Conference, University of Illinois Urbana

(2004, February) “Shock and Awe: Media Literacy and Discomfort in a Digital Age,” National Council of Teachers of English, Berkeley, California

(2003 June) ‘America Strikes Back?’Critical Media Literacy in Times of War,” Megan Boler, and Brent Jesiek, National Media Education Conference 2003 Literacy and Liberty: Rights, Roles and Responsibilities in a Media Age, Baltimore, Maryland

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