Multimedia Political Satire/Commentary

The Daily Show with John Stewart
Grand Theft America
Thanks for the Memories
Idiot Son
Political Humor Cartoons, Animation, Articles
Iraq war multimedia
Marks Political Page
Their Blood is on Bushs Hands
Bush in30seconds Top 150 Ads (MoveOn)
The Specious Report
Lord of the Right Wing
Grand Theft America

Cyberculture Related Links

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Journal of S
Life in the Wires
Jeremys links

Media/News Related
Retro Polls
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
I Want Media/Media and War
Editor and Publisher
Media Matters

Independent/Alternative News Sources
Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and also here
Truthout (news service)
Common Dream
independent news links

Independently-Produced Film and Video Related to Global Issues

The Revolution will Not Be Televised

Army of One. Sarah Goodman

The Corporation, Achbar, Abbott, Bakan

The Control Room

War Feels Like War

Vietnam: Ghosts of War

Fox News Documentary

Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election, Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler

Fahrenheit 9/11

The Take, Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein

Sites on Theories and Authors

Cornel West (thanks to Cecile Cachaper)

Race and Racism (documents a discussion of race and racism) (West cited in this bibliography of race, ethnicity, and multiculturalism)


Parenting (Article on a talk he gave regarding the ‘War on Parents’)

Pragmatism (Link to a review of a book by Wood: Cornel West and the politics of prophetic pragmatism)

Critical theory

Divinity studies

Jessica Benjamin

bell hooks (Orlo Interview)
Pema Chn & bell hooks Talk Over Life and All Its Problems
Postmodern Blackness (bell hooks) 18270.html
hooks, bell – Voices From the Gaps

bell hooks resources at Erratic Impact’s Feminism Web

hooks, bell – Articles

Program Schedule – bell hooks

bell hooks

BELL HOOKS (1955 – )

Third World Viewpoint interviews Bell Hooks


Background and Definitions regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act
Gives details on the equality of people with disabilities oppression.
Reflections of a person with a physical disability.
Discusses the roots of disabled peoples oppression.
Gives account of disabled persons and unemployment.
History of disability services in the United States.
List of famous people with disabilities.
Provides a timeline on significant dates in disability history.
History of Disability

Judith Butler/Queer Theory (thanks to Sandra Dika)
In-depth bibliographic information (searchable!) on texts by and about Judith Butler, compiled by Eddie Yeghiayan, bibliographer of Critical Theory, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Philosophy, and Religion at the University of California, Irvine.
Texts referencing her work in the disciplines of law, religion, sociology, philosophy, literature, and education

Scholarly journals and conference papers
Assigned “reading” for EDCI 5784. Information about Butler’s work, especially as related to queer theory, compiled by David Gauntlett, Institute of Communication Studies at University of Leeds, UK.
Media and communication studies – Madonna as a media icon
Scholarly journals, cultural magazines, media (TV, film)
From Swirl, a cultural theory web site compiled by Warren Hedges, Department of English, Southern Oregon University. Butler is named as one of the “Grand PooBahs” of theory.
Links to queer theory, performance theory, and identity/post-identity controversy (e.g., what would it mean to be post-Black?)
Links to online resources integrated with the visual and textual resources in Queer Culture, Queer Theory, Queer Studies, Gender Studies, and related fields.
Site supported by
Indicates the spread of queer theory
Includes books, news, music, films, and travel.
The International Journal of Sexuality and Gender Studies (online) dedicated a special issue entitled Gender Trouble: Judith Butler and Her Impact on Sexuality and Gender Studies to Judith Butler and her work in October 2000. Unfortunately, online access to the journal is restricted to Harvard users only.

Myers, D. G. (1999). Bad writing [Online]. Available:
Critique of Butler by David Myers, English Professor at Texas A&M
Discusses “bad” academic writing as a confirmation of the scholar’s status and authority – a contribution to political power rather than to knowledge
Cites Butler’s work as a case in point

Nussbaum, M. (1999). The professor of parody. The New Republic Online. Available:

Critique of Butler’s work by Martha Nussbaum, Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago.
Criticizes Butler’s self-involved feminism
Challenges Butler’s notion that we should engage in parodic performances, but that the dream of escaping oppressive structures is just a dream – we can only resist within those structures
“Isn’t hierarchy in drag still hierarchy?”

Gloria Anzaldua (thanks to Lisette Garcia)

Taken from: a site devoted to Anzaldua complied by Elizabeth Jones, Elvin Jones, Jessica Olson, and Rebecca Tealie.
The following sites might be helpful in providing background and other pertinent information regarding Anzaldua and her perspective as a lesbian Chicana feminist. They offer insight into why Anzaldua writes what she writes and why it is necessary.

Other sites:
Making Face, Making Soul… A Chicana Feminist homepage provides information on the birth of Chicana feminism and Anzaldua’s role as a lesbian Chicana writer

Queer Theory homepage
provides some good information on her background and theoretical information on this and her other works

Voices from the gaps women writers of color homepage
provides information on feminism and the role of women of color in that movement

Study sheet for Anzaldua
provides some questions to help guide discussion on Anzaldua’s work Borderlands/La Frontera (used for a class discussion at Shepherd College, West Virginia)
2) Links to either on-line or print journal articles that address these writings

What people are saying about this book: April 30, 1998 – Judith Roof date and author unknown – Robby Barringer (class response) Mr. Barringer makes reference to the work of Richard Rorty in his writings on Anzaldua for more information on him you can visit: – Leslie Bary -this piece touches upon many of the topics that have been central to our discussions during this semester and relates them specifically to Borderlands/La Frontera very critical – Marisa Singer – Giselle Rodriguez (class response) date and author unknown – Maria Esther Fernandez
She offers her personal insight and thoughts on Anzalds work  gives us an individual perspective on Borderlands/La Frontera from a fellow Chicana date and author unknown but it does a good job of touching upon some of the themes of the work November 13, 2000 – Katie Kelleher this piece offers us an illustration of one way this work by Anzaldua has been used by the academy

Trinh Minh-ha (thanks to Cecile Cachaper)

biographical information

How her work has been used

Conceptualization of identity as fluid

Link to an interview with Trinh Minh Ha: Shifting the borders of the Other:

Feminism and Art Criticism

Michel Foucault (thanks to Eunsil Lee)

1. Web sites that reflect the different audiences that read this work

Search on Michel Foucault
• Foucault Pages at CSUN
• Produced by Dr. Bernardo Attias, Dept. of communication Studies, California State University, Northvidge

• Michel Foucault Resources includes FAQ, bibliography, news, articles, and links
• Producer of the site and her book:
Clare O’Farrell,
– Foucault: Historian or Philosopher? London: Macmillan, 1989,
188 pp. Reprinted in paperback 1993
– Foucault: The Legacy, Brisbane: QUT, 1997. 73 chapters, 792pp.

• Michel Foucault Resource Centre – includes articles, essays, and illustrated guides, as well as fun extras
• Developed by David Gauntlette, University of Leeds, Institute of Communications Studies
• Trading Card: Creative Knowledge you can put in your pocket
Action Figures: $14.99

• A very Non-Foucauldian History of Michel Foucault
• A link from O’Farrell’s Frequently Asked Questions, a question about Foucault’s life

2. Web sites or links that show the kinds of discussion, popular and/or academic surrounding these writings

(1) Links from
• The History of Sexuality
• Power/Knowledge by Michel Foucault
• The Discourse on Language by Michel Foucault, a summary

(2) Links from
• On Judith Butler:
• Intros to queer theory:
• Media effects
• Madonna and Gender Trouble
• What’s interesting about Michel Foucault

(3) search on queer theory

3. Links to either on-line or print journal articles that centrally address these titles
University of Texas Press, Journal of the History of Sexuality
• Benesch, S. (2001). Critical EAP: Theoretical Influences. Critical English for Academic Purpose: Theory, Politics and Practices, Lawrence Erlbaum Association, New Jersey: Mahwah.
Gore, J. M. An Introduction to Foucault and Education
Frantz Fanon (thanks to Alex Jean Charles)
Noam Chomsky

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