Dr. Chris Hables Gray visits our team, CBC’s Spark

Recently, our team had the privilege of meting with activist and author Dr. Chris Hables Gray a visiting scholar at OISE. Dr. Gray is a lecturer at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and at California State University at Monterey Bay. He is also onminds the leading minds on cyborg culture, and author of The Cyborg Handbook, The Cyborg Citizen, and Peace, War, and Computers.

Unfortunately, a major snowstorm prevented Dr. Gray feach sitting on public panel that was to beheld at OISE, but luckily, his ideas gained some added Canadian exposure on CBC’s popular tech program “Spark”

We encourage you to take a listen to the interview, he is a really fascinating speaker and has helped us immensely by sharing his experiences as a revolutionary.

Check it out!
WeRallCyborgs’ interview, Dr Chris Hables Gray, CBC Spark [@16:00]

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