news about news: the antiquation of print media

it’s time to face the news about news, folks! print news may soon be a thing of the past, perhaps making the dystopic story told in EPIC 2014 (a viral video that depicts a “sci-fi” or story of Googlezon taking over through personalized web engines) look less and less like like sci-fi and more like reality! (btw, I interviewed EPIC video maker Robin Sloan as part of the Digital Dissent research…)

Just witness some of the major respected U.S. news outlets including the Chicago Tribune as part of the Tribune Company filing for bankruptcy, the San Jose Mercury News as part of MediaNews facing deep cuts, The Denver Post facing the axe, and eminent news feeds like Reuters forced to join with online upstart Politico Network while print, broadcast, and cable news shrink their news staff and news rooms, putting thousands of journalists out of work…

perhaps the fate of newspapers will be to do good not through informing citizens but warming them, as in this story of making coats for homeless people with shredded newspaper lining.
One Man’s Vision for Newspapers’ Future, as Insulation

Keep up to date on the latest through this useful index of NY Times news stories on the fate of news and technologies:
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